QPID Bridge Review - Minutes

Damian Maguire <DMaguire@...>

Thanks to everyone who joined the IRC meeting yesterday, was good to see such a good turn out, and I think overall it was a very productive conversation. 

Just a quick run down of the events, for those of you who missed the actual meeting. Where appropriate I've added the users IRC nick in brackets.
  • Attendees included representatives of NYSE, RedHat, Tick42, RDS LLC, Exegy, Vulcan FT and a number of others. 
  • Frank Quinn (fquinn) gave an introduction to the QPID bridge, outlining its aims, its current status and the supported feature-set.
  • William Henry (whenry) from RedHat, who was a contributor to the bridge, gave a run down of the Apache QPID Proton project.
  • Sanjeev (RDS) asked a question regarding the use of QPID against the standard NYSE demokit. 
    • Frank responded, indicating that it was not possible to use the QPID bridge with an NYSE feedhandler.
    • Details were then provided of the capture replay toolset contained within OpenMAMA, and how it could be used to simulate a market data stream. 
    • Also discussed the creation of freely available canned data for testing with OpenMAMA.
  • Thomas (MrTam) asked about support for brokers with the current QPID bridge.
    • Damian (dmag) responded, indicating that the current implementation of the bridge does not currently support a broker.
    • Conversation continued with William indicating that some addressing changes would be needed, and Damian highlighting that some other work would also be required.
    • The subject was left as being something interesting we'd like to do in the future, but that no timescale has yet been determined.
  • Guy (gtal_tick42) and douglas_prada then asked about platform support for the QPID bridge, specifically Windows and Centos 5/6.
    • Damian indicated that both platforms should work, and that core development had actually be primarily on a Centos 6.4 system. 
    • Windows has been tested, on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010.
  • Sanjeev then asked some questions around the existence of a basic entitlements module.
    • Again, Damian and Frank responded indicating that this wasn't yet available, but that it was certainly something we having been discussing. 
    • Also discussed the fact that for general usage of the QPID bridge (and OpenMAMA in general), no entitlements setup would be required.  
  • Some discussion was then held regarding the next steps for the community, and how we hope to see more progress in the short term.
  • Damian then asked for feedback from the attendees, and indicated that we'll be aiming to host more regular meetings on IRC (perhaps once a fortnight). Those will be advertised in advance on the OpenMAMA dev and announce mailing lists. 
  • The meeting was then brought to a close. 

If anyone has any questions or requires any follow up information feel free to drop me a mail.



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