Re: New Payload Bridge Enumerations for Solace

Benjamin Taieb

Hi Glenn,

I remember Joshua Salit from IBM requesting 'S' the 4th February 2013 on the list, hence my choice :).

My payload bridge is coded according to what you said.

Please double check if S is still available, happy to take it if available.




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Sent: 06 February 2014 18:16
To: Benjamin Taieb
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Subject: Re: [Openmama-dev] New Payload Bridge Enumerations for Solace


Thanks Benjamin. 


I noticed you've requested '1' as the enum value, which is fine, but 'S' for Solace is available if you wish. 


FYI middleware bridges can specify explicit payload bridges, in which case the enum value is arbitrary. However the middleware can alternatively use the first byte of the payload to let it identify itself and the appropriate payload bridge will be used to decode it. This way middlewares can be payload agnostic. 


Payloads do not have to support this feature, but if they do then the first byte must be equal to the enum value associated with them, so in your case it would be payloads beginning with '1'. 





From: Benjamin Taieb <benjamin.taieb@...>
Date: Thursday, 6 February 2014 17:22
To: "openmama-dev@..." <openmama-dev@...>
Subject: [Openmama-dev] New Payload Bridge Enumerations for Solace


Hi List,

Please find attach patch for Payload Bridge enumeration for Solace.


Benjamin Taieb.

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