Clarification on reference vs clone and create/destroy for bridges

Benjamin Taieb

Hi List,

I expected that I can reference nearly everything in a payload bridge :

For a Msg containing a subMsg or VectorMsg, it would be invalid to destroy the subMsg or Msg in the Vector BEFORE destroying Msg.

It doesn't seems to be the expectation in OpenMAMA, and  indicate I will have to clone the payload or reference count it.

I've looked at the Qpid bridge, but it doesn't help me much here as the fields are "serialised on set", which mean there is no reference, as there is no need for it.


The reference was working with the sample and everything, I hit it with  populateMessageFromDictionary in dictionary.c.


Can someone confirm what is the expected behaviour ?


Also, my rules of thumb for create/destroy is that whoever is creating something is responsible for destroying it. Would welcome confirmation it is the right approach.




Benjamin Taieb.


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