UnitTest for payload call seems not consistent with API signature.

Benjamin Taieb

Hi List,


I've started looking at UnitTests in more details, and hit some question :


SetByteBuffer test is using (msgPayload*, mamaPayloadBridge, void**,mama_size_t)


which doesn't match the signature defined in payloadbridge.h :


typedef mama_status

(*msgPayload_setByteBuffer)    (const msgPayload    msg,

                                mamaPayloadBridge   bridge,

                                const void*         buffer,

                                mama_size_t         bufferLength);


See below extract from payloadgeneraltests.cpp


TEST_F(PayloadGeneralTests, SetByteBufferValid)


    msgPayload          testPayload = NULL;

    const char*         testBuffer;

    mama_size_t         testBufferLength = 100;


    result = aBridge->msgPayloadCreate(&testPayload);

                EXPECT_EQ (result, MAMA_STATUS_OK);


    aBridge->msgPayloadAddString (testPayload, "name2", 102, "Unit");

    aBridge->msgPayloadAddString (testPayload, "name3", 103, "Testing");

    aBridge->msgPayloadAddString (testPayload, "name4", 104, "Is");

    aBridge->msgPayloadAddString (testPayload, "name5", 105, "Fun");


                result = aBridge->msgPayloadGetByteBuffer(testPayload, (const void**)&testBuffer, &testBufferLength);

                EXPECT_EQ (result, MAMA_STATUS_OK);


                result = aBridge->msgPayloadCreateFromByteBuffer(&testPayload, aBridge, (const void*)testBuffer, testBufferLength);

                EXPECT_EQ (result, MAMA_STATUS_OK);


    result = aBridge->msgPayloadSetByteBuffer(&testPayload, aBridge, &testBuffer, testBufferLength);

                EXPECT_EQ (result, MAMA_STATUS_OK);



Furthermore when looking at mamaMsgImpl_setMsgBuffer from msg.c, I see line 563:

impl->mPayloadBridge->msgPayloadSetByteBuffer (impl->mPayload,





If you can confirm

result = aBridge->msgPayloadSetByteBuffer(&testPayload, aBridge, &testBuffer, testBufferLength);

should be

result = aBridge->msgPayloadSetByteBuffer(testPayload, aBridge, testBuffer, testBufferLength);

I will happily produces a patch for payload UnitTest.






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