OpenMAMA 2.3.1 Point Release

Damian Maguire <DMaguire@...>

Afternoon all,‧                                                                  
Following some of the interest there has been in a few of the changes in next, and given the time since we did the 2.3.0 release, it seems like a good time for a point release. Therefore over the next few weeks we're going to start pulling together OpenMAMA 2.3.1. At this stage I'd like to firm up a few details, and request some community assistance.

Firstly, the process we will be following:
  • Over the course of next week we will pin down and merge the last few patches to next. At present there are 3/4 currently in code review which will likely make this bucket. 
    • On Friday (20th) evening we will tag and branch the first RC.
  • The following week will involve testing and bug fixes for the RC (20th – 27th). 
    • If a second RC is required, we will tag and branch again, most likely during the latter half of the week.
    • If absolutely required, testing will roll into the start of the following week (30th June).
  • Once testing is complete and signed off, we will tag the 2.3.1 release and merge next into master.
  • Following the merge, the various release artifacts will be prepared (RPMs, source tarballs, updated documentation and website etc). This should be available by 4th July.

So, what I need now is volunteers to test the release candidate - all that's required is that you run through a few tests, and report any bugs or issues on our Bugzilla. If you're willing to spend an hour or two during the week of the 23rd June checking out and building OpenMAMA, and running a few tests, or sanity checking the RC RPM or Zip, can you let me know. In particular can you let me know what platform(s) you're going to be testing on, and if there are any specific features you're particularly interested in looking at (for example, the Visual Studio solution files, or MAMDA order book logic).

As always, if you have any questions let me know.



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