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Damian Maguire <DMaguire@...>

Morning all, 

I'm aware there's a few of you out there who would be interested in contributing further to OpenMAMA, but who aren't really sure of where to start. As such, we've started to pull together a list of some of the outstanding tasks which interested contributors could tackle. This list is going to be maintained going forward on the OpenMAMA Wiki here, and I'll be sending regular updates as various tasks are added and completed. 

I've tried to break up the tasks into the level of effort associated with each – easy tasks should require at most a couple of hours, medium tasks will likely take a little more effort, potentially into the days, or have a higher level of technical difficulty, and hard tasks are either going to require extended work, or provide a large technical challenge.

  • Adapt existing code to follow the OpenMAMA Coding Standards.
  • Tidy up the formatting of the output of the mamasubscriber example applications.
  • Port the mamamultisubscriber app to C++, Java and C#
  • Implement a standard MAMA level toString
  • Implement support for DESTDIR in Scons
  • Check support for Java 1.8
  • Implement a generic command line parser, which handles common arguments for example applications.
  • Fix issues raised by static analysis tools (Clang scan build, Asan etc).
  • Fix compiler warnings.
  • Reimplement the CaptureReplayC application.
  • Add support for addition of SONAME to SCons Shared Library builds:
  • Implement a common timer reset method:
  • Provide a common implementation for MAMAIO

This is certainly not everything that needs done in OpenMAMA, but should provide something interesting for most contributors. If you can think of something that would fit on the list, feel free to drop me a mail (and ensure it's been raised in Bugzilla). If you're interested in taking on some of these tasks, assign them to yourself on Bugzilla, and send a mail to the rest of the list. We can then provide any help that's required either on the ticket, or through on list comments.

As always, any questions let me know.



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