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Subject: [Openmama-dev] OpenMAMA integration with Citihub Permission
Server API
Citihub have integrated the OpenMAMA API source code with the Citihub
Permission Server API, and would like to submit the OpenMAMA code
changes for review and integration into the main OpenMAMA release.

Please submit your patches as a patch as described at If the changes are extensive, you should consider breaking them down logical series that can be applied incrementally.

The Citihub Permission Server API (libPermSvr) and associated server process
(PermSvr) is a proxy for enterprise permission systems and allows clients to
be permissioned for market data and other data sources using proprietary or
3rd party permission systems like Thomson Reuters DACS. So, with
libPermSvr integrated into OpenMAMA, applications can be entitled for
market data using existing market data permission systems, making the
adoption of OpenMAMA easier and more attractive for large enterprises
with existing market data systems.

The libPermSvr API integration provides the same features as the current
OpenMAMA entitlement capability, but adds support for multiple
proprietary and 3rd party permission systems. We have also added support
for permissioning of basic subscriptions (Topic only) and publication, and we
have update the build process and GNU automake scripts, so the build
process includes an option to enable the libPermSvr code, e.g. ./configure ?
with-chub-permsvr=<path to libpermsvr libs and header>.
It is very important that your change provide generic support for 3rd party entitlement systems as other entitlement vendors will surely follow your lead and add support to OpenMAMA.


The Permission Server software is licensed and maintained by Citihub and is
distributed, with support, as binaries for Linux, Solaris and Windows with API
support for C/C++, C# and Java. We also share the source code with clients
with unrestricted rights to change and reuse source code.
Will it be necessary to add C++, Java and C# support for your changes as we release the corresponding support in OpenMAMA?

If there is interest in the OpenMAMA community for this feature, we will
submit source code patches for review and inclusion in a future release.
I think that support for 3rd party entitlement systems is an excellent idea and I look forward to reviewing your patches.


Michael Schonberg
OpenMAMA Maintainer


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