Re: C99 support in OpenMama

Damian Maguire

Hey Benjamin, 

At present there are no firm plans to move towards full C99 support in OpenMAMA, at least until we see a much broader adoption of VS2013 - we always have to keep in mind the breadth of the current MAMA install base, and ensure that we can always build OpenMAMA to be compatible with it. Unfortunately this limits the scope for adopting newer tool chains/language specs.

In the Linux case, we compile with support for C99, but we don't use a number of the features which are missing within earlier VS versions (mixed declarations being the standard example). This is actually necessary since we rely on some C99 features being available (long long for example), which don't appear with C90. 

Hopefully that makes sense, but fire away if you have any other questions. 



On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 9:54 AM, Benjamin Taieb <benjamin.taieb@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I noticed that when compiling on Linux, flag -std=gnu99 is set, meaning support for C99.


However, on windows, VS started supporting C99 from VS2013:


Is that the intention that windows build will be moved to VS2013 and C99 used ?


I have my windows build against VS2012 at the moment, and I'm curious to get others openmamers (I just made that up) thoughts, experiences.





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