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Sam Wilson <Sam.Wilson@...>

Hey Damian,

I'm just getting around to looking at this now. Would you prefer a patch that adds wombatQueue_deallocate, or one that merges both wombatQueue_allocate and wombatQueue_create into wombatQueue_allocate and makes wombatQueue_create a dummy function?

The advantage of the first option is that the API works more like it was intended, but it will break any current users of wombat queues.

The second option retains backward compatibility, but you end up losing the benefits of having separate allocate/create functions.


On 14-09-03 05:34 AM, Damian Maguire wrote:
Hey Sam,

Unfortunately this is a weakness in the API for the Wombat Queue implementation - it really should have a wombatQueue_deallocate, but it isn't presently available. If you'd like to raise an issue in bugzilla ( we can look at getting it added. Better yet, we'd be happy to accept a patch which addresses the issue in the queue.



On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 7:20 PM, Sam Wilson <Sam.Wilson@...> wrote:

I'm trying to use Wombat Queue, but I can't figure out how to safely
free a queue when the creation fails. Here's my example:

     wombatQueue queue;
     wombatQueueStatus status = wombatQueue_allocate(&queue);
     if (WOMBAT_QUEUE_OK != status) {
         return; // log the error state or what have you

     status = wombatQueue_create(queue, MAX_SIZE, INITIAL_SIZE,
     if (WOMBAT_QUEUE_OK != status) {
         wombatQueue_destroy(queue); // Doesn't work because the
                                     // queue hasn't been created.

         // So how do I free the memory allocated by
         // wombatQueue_allocate?

Thanks for your help,
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