Asynchronous publisher events

Sam Wilson <Sam.Wilson@...>

Hey all,

We're looking for a way to notify a mama application asynchronously of
errors while publishing, specifically when the published message was
rejected by the message broker's ACL.

Our API assumes the messages were accepted, and returns immediately.
After some time you might get a connection-level event callback
informing the application that its messages were rejected.

I have two questions.

First off, what is the best way to represent this situation in 2.3.1?
We've been tossing around the idea of just tearing down the connection,
giving the application a MAMA_TRANSPORT_DISCONNECT or a
MAMA_TRANSPORT_PUBLISHER_DISCONNECT, and logging the error. Since the
application or the environment is incorrectly configured, there's not
much that can be done by the application anyways.

Secondly, if openmama were to be extended in the future to support these
kind of events, what would such extensions look like? Perhaps adding a


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