OpenMAMA RPM Release Scripts

Damian Maguire


Some of you may have noticed a few commits which have just landed in next which relate to the OpenMAMA RPM builds. These are tools which I've been using internally to help facilitate the OpenMAMA release process by automating some of the steps involved. At present they are pretty rough around the edges, however after talking to a few people about them I believe there is some value in having them out there for others to review/enhance. 

The primary one of interest to most people is likely to be the openmama.spec file, which resides under the 'release' directory. This is the specification file used by rpmbuild to generate the base RPM and SRPMs, which can then used to generate other RPMs for alternative platforms. 

If you clone down next (and assuming you have met the base requirements - running RHEL6 or derivative, have all the OpenMAMA pre-reqs, have rpmbuild and mock installed etc), you should be able to perform a full build yourself by simply entering the release directory and executing:

    $ ./

As I say, it's all a little rough, and still quite heavily tailored to my own build environment, but I would appreciate any feedback/bug fixes/issues etc.



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