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Hi Reed,

I'm not sure about the current ongoings/plans with OpenMAMA or
EnterpriseMAMA but VFT released a draft for an extensible library
manager earlier this year.

We also have an unreleased draft of an entitlement manager based upon
the draft library manager work which is incomplete but in a usable

The GitHub branch and some documentation for the library manager :-

1. Library Manager Branch :- feature-librarymanager
2. First Draft (0.1) :-
3. Second Draft (0.2) :-
4. Developer Docs (Incomplete) :-

The GitHub branch and some documentation for the entitlement manager :-

1. Entitlement Bridge Branch :- feature-entitlementbridge
2. Brief Overview :-

It doesn't support it atm but it wouldn't be difficult to extend the
entitlement bridge code to apply different bridges to different

Unfortunately the projects have stalled for the moment but we'd be
happy to pick it back up again if some momentum is gained.

We'd love to hear any feedback about any aspects of the proposed code
- We'd also accept patches, pull requests and issues.

If you have any problems viewing any of the documents I could also
render them as PDF and send them out separately.


On 15 December 2014 at 21:21, Alpert, Reed <reed.alpert@...> wrote:

What is the plan for OM and EM?

The entitlements in EM are not available in OM, and it looks like turning on
entitlements in mama layer is for all of the loaded bridges.

Are patches to OM made available in EM (and vice-versa) – how long does the
dev cycle take for that?

Our concern is that we run 3 bridges : wombat, tick42/rmds, and solace.

For entitlements we use dart for wombat (our DF5/6/mamacache env), and dacs
for tick42/rmds and solace.

We’d like to run OM for all of this (or EM if that is the best way to go).




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