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Issues around the entitlements were brought up on the OpenMAMA Steering Committee call yesterday, so we’ll be discussing it in the next Technical Committee meeting and get a plan together. 


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Hi Reed,


Thanks for your email, sorry for the delay in reply. 


I think you have touched upon 2 items here:

1.       When /are there any plans for Enterprise MAMA and OpenMAMA to come into sync?

2.       Is it possible for have multiple entitlements bridges?


To answer your first question. 

We have made a concerted effort over the last 6 months to bring these into sync and have made substantial progress with this.

With the latest release of OpenMAMA Enterprise Edition, 6.0.3f, there are very few differences with the current OpenMAMA RC 2.3.2 rc1 and we will continue to keep these in line going forwarded with regular synced up releases.


To answer your second question, MAMA is currently only built to handle 1 set of entitlements. 

If we were to extend this to cover 3 (or more) bridges we would need to consider a few things:

·         We would need to be able to tie entitlements with a particular topic or source (most likely the source?) – currently we only have 1 set of global entitlements options so the properties would need extended (or re-thought).

·         Would every source have to have entitlements enabled?  How can we enforce entitlements for 1 bridge and not another?

·         We need to be careful in this area for compliance reasons.

·         Seems like we would need the entitlement bridging first, and then the ability to specify entitlement bridges for a source.






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What is the plan for OM and EM?

The entitlements in EM are not available in OM, and it looks like turning on entitlements in mama layer is for all of the loaded bridges.

Are patches to OM made available in EM (and vice-versa) – how long does the dev cycle take for that?


Our concern is that we run 3 bridges : wombat, tick42/rmds, and solace.

For entitlements we use dart for wombat (our DF5/6/mamacache env), and dacs for tick42/rmds and solace.

We’d like to run OM for all of this (or EM if that is the best way to go).






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