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Either option is fine as Mama.start is a blocking call until Mama.stop is called, which causes it to return.

For the second one you should be aware that the call-back is invoked after Mama.start has returned, i.e. after Mama.stop is called.

Think of it as onStopComplete rather than start.

The reason for this is so that you know when it is safe to destroy transports, queues etc on shutdown.

If you use option 1 you need to take care of this interaction yourself.





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Hi team,


Is it necessary to start a bridge on a separate thread?


new Thread() {

       public void run() {

              try {


              } catch (RuntimeException e) {






Or should we use this


Mama.startBackground(bridge, new MamaStartBackgroundCallback() {



                     public void onStartComplete(int paramInt) {


                 "mama started");






For the second option, the callback is never called.



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