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Hi Guys,


We are currently planning the next release of OpenMAMA - OpenMAMA-2.3.3.


Please find below the initial list of issues that are currently scheduled for inclusion in this release:


BZ166    Make wInterlocked_set return the prior value

BZ164    MAMAJNI: MamaPublisher: Overload the MamaPublisher Create Method

BZ169    Wombat queue has no separate deallocate method

BZ176    MAMAC: Missing actions for snapshot subscriptions transition to deactivate state

BZ168    MAMA: Complete support for Vector Bool and Vector Char field types

BZ156    COMMON: Variable expansion in property value on the last line of properties file fails

BZ125    Payload and Middleware Unit-test in Visual Studio

BZ-114  MAMA JNI crash in when using platformInfo.toString()

BZ-178  Problem with mamaDictionary_getDictionaryMessage when multiple bridges are loaded

BZ-179  OpenMAMA mock RPM's fail to build


If there are any issues in particular you would like to see included in the next release, please feel free to reply (with a prioritised list) and we can review them for inclusion.





Gary Molloy – SR Labs

Adelaide Exchange | 24-26 Adelaide Street | Belfast | BT2 8GD



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