Re: Missing transport status in C++ code

Adrienne Ambrose <a.ambrose@...>

Hi Reed,


On second thoughts, the callbacks are the internal MamaQueue.  

Possibly it may have been added for Avis [which is deprecated] let us look into it a bit more.






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Subject: RE: Missing transport status in C++ code


Hi Reed,


Thanks for your email.


In regards to the status codes





The Water Marks have not been ported across because they are not necessary.

C++ and Java  have their own implementation callbacks “onHighWatermarkExceeded” etc,  whereas within C we need to specifically set the callbacks, but if you require these please feel free to submit a patch for consideration.


Transport failed was historically used in an old middleware, but is now no longer required so therefore has not been ported to C++ or Java, but again please feel free to submit a patch.





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Subject: [Openmama-dev] Missing transport status in C++ code




In MamaTransport.cpp:83 the status codes MAMA_TRANSPORT_CONNECT_FAILED/MAMA_TRANSPORT_WRITE_QUEUE_LOW_WATER_MARK/MAMA_TRANSPORT_WRITE_QUEUE_HIGH_WATER_MARK are missing from the list. Java is the same as C++.


Is this for a specific reason or just missing?

If missing I can submit a patch with new callbacks.






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