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Ian Bell


Just wondering if you go this sorted?
The first request should route through to the OnNewRequst callback. As a guess I suspect that the topic is 100% correct, or possibly the callback delegates are not hooked up completely.
Can you supply the code and some logs and I may be able to spot the issue.

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Hi guys,

we continued wrapping the dqpublishermanager class in C# but got stuck again. We can create a dqpublishermanager and I also get the onCreate callback. Now, we try to notify the dqpm that there is interest in a certain symbol.
We try to connect to the dqpm via a qpid bridge. Unfortunately, the request never arrives at the dqpm so the OnNewRequest callback never gets called. However, the transport class recognizes the request and notifies us on the console. It even remembers that we previously shows interest in the same symbol. Therefore we like to know whether our implementation is faulty or whether we need to route the request from the transport to the dqpm ourselves.
How does this generally work?

Hope you can help us.
Best regards

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