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Hi Reed,

Preventing dereference of trashed memory certainly one of the benefits. MAMA in general will try and keep context local to a single thread where possible though to avoid having to lock in the interest of performance. I'm not sure what exactly you're doing though... When you say;

"The Tick42 bridge (and maybe others) send the sub msgs back in a thread that is not the same as the one that dequeues from the sub’s queue."

What are you defining as "the sub msgs" and where / what are you sending them to? A thread vs function diagram of your bridge would help if you have one too.


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The pdf dev guide says to only destroy a subscription from the same thread as the onMsg callbacks, or use destoryEx, which puts the destroy request on the subscription’s queue.


The Tick42 bridge (and maybe others) send the sub msgs back in a thread that is not the same as the one that dequeues from the sub’s queue.

In this case the destoryEx does not protect against a cotemporal onMsg and onDestroy callback.


Does the Wombat bridge queue sub msgs so that this strategy works to prevent onMsg and onDestroy from colliding ?






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