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Adrienne Ambrose <a.ambrose@...>

Hi Reed,


Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Please keep us informed on the outcome of any further testing.





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We’ve been testing with this release and have no issues so far.

Testing C++ and Java clients.

Publish and subscribe.

Solace and Tick42 bridges.


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Subject: [Openmama-dev] OpenMAMA-2.3.3-rc1


Hi Guys,


I have cut the new OpenMAMA-2.3.3 branch and created the OpenMAMA-2.3.3-rc1 tag, this is now available for testing.  I would anticipate a test period of around 2-3 weeks with a view to making the release official by the end of the month.


This release has been cut from the next branch.


The following list of issues/features have been added for this release:


BZ-166 Wombat: wInterlocked_set inconsistent return value

BZ-164 MAMAJNI: MamaPublisher: Overloaded MamaPublisher create method

BZ-169  Wombat queue has no separate deallocate method

BZ-176  Missing actions for snapshot subscriptions transition to deactivate state

BZ-168 Complete support for Vector Bool and Vector Char field types

BZ-156 No value expansion of last property line in

BZ-178 Problem with mamaDictionary_getDictionaryMessage when multiple bridges are loaded

BZ-182 MAMAJAVA: Add java MamaDateTime::getAsFormattedString() method

BZ-181 MAMAJAVA: Java subscription setup fix - it loses the closure

BZ-183 SCons: OpenMAMA will not build on windows

BZ-189 [MAMAC] mamaPlugin Feature

BZ-190 [MAMAC] Add ability to turn on/off entitlements on a per bridge basis

BZ-191 [MAMAC] mamaPublisherImpl_getTransportImpl() accessor

BZ-179 OpenMAMA mock RPM's fail to build

BZ-187 SCons: Include stdout for build commands using site scons logger

BZ-188 Scons: fixes for Windows and Linux

BZ-192 OpenMAMA RPM Release Scripts







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