Bloomberg and OpenMAMA

Macrux <kmacrux@...>

Hi there,

I have some doubts about OpenMAMA and Bloomberg. In first place, I'm wondering if it is possible to conect multiple subscriber applications to bloomberg (using the tick42blp middleware bridge), each one subscribed to the same source (the name space for the data, e.g. "BlpMktData"), but subscribed to a different symbols, something  like this:
 ___________     ___________    ___________
| subscriber-1 |    | subscriber-2 |  | subscriber-n |           
|___________|     |___________|  |___________|
|                         openMAMA                            |
                   | bloomberg bridge  |

*subscriber-1, 2 and n are subscribed to diferent individual symbols.

In second place, is it possible to use openMAMDA to get the order books for each one of those subscribed symbols with the current available bridge from Tick42?

And that's all. Thank you for your help, I will really appreciate it, and other additional information or advices you want to give me.

Best regards,


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