Re: C# DQPublisher Manager

Mathias Kim

Hi Frank,


Testing the broker feature took us a while since building Qpid isn’t as straightforward on Windows as it seems on Linux.

As you suggested when using the broker the slowdown after client disconnect disappears. However, the broker seems to be very slow.


We were testing it with the same C# classes that showed acceptable performance without the broker. Using the broker, every received message adds a delay of roughly two seconds at the client app. The publisher app is not affected and works as fast as before. This only occurs if we simulate a very busy symbol. Symbols with fewer updates are not affected.

Also, Qpid only uses one core whereas the publisher/client setup without broker uses all 4 available cores evenly.


How is the performance on Linux?


We’re using

-          Windows 8

-          Broker, publisher and client on the same machine

-          Qpid 0.32 & Proton 0.7


Also, we noticed a very strange thing: this whole thing only works if we enable all logging(-t). Without, no communication happens.





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