Re: QPID Proton bridge: multiple subscribers, one publisher

Frank Quinn <>

Hi Nestor,

You definitely need a broker in the middle for that sort of implementation - point to point will not support that.

You should be able to publish data to the same MAMA source (topic namespace) from multiple instances if you're using a broker and collect all the data from a single client, but you need to be careful about publishing to the same topic across multiple instances if you're using market data subscriptions.

Market data subscriptions check the MamaSenderId and MdSeqNum on every update to detect gaps, so if the client constantly receives overlapping values for these fields on the same subscription, you'll get recap storms.


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 7:11 PM, Macrux <kmacrux@...> wrote:
Hi Frank,

Just to solve a similar question, is it possible to have the opposite behaviour in which multiple applications (separated instances) publish data into the same topic (or source), and only one subscriber receives all that data?

Thanks in advance,

On 21 July 2015 at 13:27, Frank Quinn <> wrote:

Hi Nestor,

If you modify each new subscriber to use a different incoming URL and reply URL, you can actually do this today, though as you can imagine it becomes a bit of a brute to configure very quickly.

The better solution though is probably the currently experimental feature-qpid-broker branch that I'm hoping will make it into OpenMAMA 2.3.4. It allows for a much easier to manage pub / sub infrastructure where in terms of transport configuration, all you do is point it to the broker - there's an example on that branch to give you an idea:;a=blob;f=mama/c_cpp/src/examples/;h=86c7b1ce3933a10b0022b89837094bdb5904b974;hb=feature-qpid-broker


On Tue, 21 Jul 2015 16:23 Macrux <kmacrux@...> wrote:
Hi guys,

I'd like to know if there was or there will be some change to the Qpid Proton Bridge such that I can have a publish/subscribe connection in which only one advanced publisher can have multiple subscribers, because according to the wiki, "the current QPID Proton bridge is a point-to-point implementation" and I've had to run multiple publishers (always the same) each one with a different transport, and to subscribe each client with only one publisher.

Maybe, if someone knows some technique to achieve this behavior, it would be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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