Re: Tick42 & OpenMama 2.3.3.

Tom Doust

Hi Holger


The blp bridge doesn’t queue the update messages, it just sends them directly on its own thread.


I’m aware that the cpp version of mamaproxy uses a detached copy of the incoming message as a cache and its something we may look at in a future version.


Best regards




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Hi Tom,


we updated our OpenMama System to 2.3.3  and tried  the mamaproxycpp.cpp example with the latest tick42blp bridge version.

The Program crashes calling the MamaMsg.detach() function with the StatusError = 27 MAMA_INVALID_QUEUE in onMsg.

In our case the msg queue of the tick42 is null

and it throws the exception in msg.c [line 227].



mamaMsg_detach (mamaMsg msg)


    mamaMsgImpl*    impl    =   (mamaMsgImpl*)msg;

    mama_status     status  =   MAMA_STATUS_OK;

    msgPayload      payload = NULL;


    if (!impl)              return MAMA_STATUS_NULL_ARG;

    if (!impl->mQueue)      return MAMA_STATUS_INVALID_QUEUE;

    if (!impl->mBridgeImpl) return MAMA_STATUS_NO_BRIDGE_IMPL;



The detach functions works fine when sending a request message via qpid.

I mean we get the correct Bloomberg Data and it’s also possible to read all the values

but we cannot process the message.


Do I miss anything?







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