Openmama Documentation for subscription onDestroy




I’m with solace dev for the openmama middle bridge and I have question about mamaSubscription onDestroy with the CPP openmama. On the openmama Developer Wiki under Bridge Documentation for myMiddlewareBridgeMamaSubscription_destroy () it states “…the destroy method adds an event to the queue to invokes the destroy callback, which notifies the client application of the successful destroy of the subscription.” Our Bridge currently does this but in the CPP API for openmama the MamaSubscription seems to do an inline onDestroy as a part of the destructor. This does not work well with the enqueuerd onDestroy callback (potential for causing segmentation faults). I’ve also compared to the Qpid bridge which seems to do an inline onDestroy callback as a part their MiddlewareBridgeMamaSubscription_destroy(). Should the onDestroy callback be inline the MiddlewareBridgeMamaSubscription_destroy() like the Qpid to work with the CPP API? Or Is there a problem with the CPP API?


Chris Morgan

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