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Frank Quinn <>

Hi Keith,

Good question - I actually thought we already had this somewhere but it turns out we don't.

I think it's a sensible thing to build though, so I have raised to make sure we don't forget to do so.

With respect to supporting documentation, the best thing we have at the moment is probably still the google doc referred to in Gary's 2015 post:

I'm aware that this, along with Reed's publisher events RFC doc (and others I'm sure) will need to be defragmented at some point in future, though the priority at the moment is getting 2.4.0 out the door.


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Is there any documentation or example code I can refer to for creating a plugin that will get called during initialization?


I’m referring to this call in mama.c, mama_openWithPropertiesCount()




Might be useful to have an example plugin included with the source code in the same way example bridges are included.


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