Re: Deferred Entitlements issue with OpenMAMA 2.4.0


Hi Frank,


I have a patch to put into a pull request. I (or a colleague of mine Dmitri) will hopefully it up on git later today or early tomorrow.


Thanks for the workaround. Unfortunately, when I use the noop entitlements bridge I get a segmentation fault on another unit test.

The fault occurs in mamaSubscription_processWildCardMsg on a basic wild card subscription created as a part of our bridge’s inbox create. It occurs when self->mSubjectContext.mEntitlementBridge->isAllowed is accessed since mEntitlementBridge is NULL. I looked into the self->mSubjectContext  member and found that it is only set in mamaSubscription_setupBasic and mamaSubscription_getSubjectContext (and mamaSubscription_getSubjectContext is only used in mamaSubscription_processMsg). The code path for basic subscription create do not seem to call the entitlement Bridge subscription create function which I believe sets up the mSubjectContext member. Also mamaSubscription_processMsg appears to handle the entitlement bridge differently this might be useful in mamaSubscription_processWildMsg.


I have sinking feeling this is another issue and as it stands though I do not believe this will work as a workaround.


Chris Morgan


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Hi Christopher,

Good spot - yes this is definitely an issue - would appreciate any forthcoming pull requests.

Alternatively as a workaround for now, you can always disable deferred entitlements and just use the noop entitlement bridge now to unblock your testing.

For the record, longer term, I would actually like to move away from the current implementation of deferred entitlements and towards a deferred entitlement bridge which will validate bridge capabilities before permitting the entitlement bridge's enforcement mechanism to be bypassed.





On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 9:08 PM, Christopher Morgan <Christopher.Morgan@...> wrote:



I’m developing a bridge with deferred entitlements using OM 2.4.0 but I keep getting an error status MAMA_STATUS_NO_BRIDGE_IMPL when using mamaSubscription_setupBasic. This occurs on any call to mamaSubscription_setupBasic, causing unit test failures and example program to error.

I used mamalistenc and got these logs before the error message:


2016-04-05 09:54:23:502: Entitlements checking at subscription creation deferred to myBridge bridge [0x13c6910]

2016-04-05 09:54:23:502: mamaSubscription_setupBasic(): Could not find entitlement bridge!


Looking at subscription.c: mamaSubscription_setupBasic it seems that if entitlements are deferred, mamaEntBridge is never set to anything other than NULL making mamaSubscription_setupBasic always return MAMA_STATUS_NO_BRIDGE_IMPL. Is this how deferred entitlements are meant to work?


I’m looking for confirmation that this is indeed an issue and if so, I’ll raise an issue/pull request on git hub.


Chris Morgan

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