Market data subscriptions using qpid broker


Hi all,

I've been working with OpenMAMA 2.4.0 and the new Qpid Broker integration with the Java Qpid Broker implementation in Ubuntu 14.04. I've been experiencing some issues when I try to publish market data using capturereplayc. I use the next command

capturereplayc -S TEST -m qpid -tport broker -dictionary data/dictionaries/data.dict -f data/playbacks/openmama_utpcasheuro_capture.5000.10.qpid.mplay -r -v -v -v -v

Issues arise when I run mamalistenc or example. For instance, with the next arguments they
can't get the dictionary:

mamalistenc -m qpid -tport broker -S TEST -s DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR -v -v -v -v

I got this in mamalistenc console:

016-04-26 09:32:44: (15a53740) : deactivateAction(): (WOMBAT.DATA_DICT (DATA_DICT) (0x1152270)): mSubscBridge=(nil)
2016-04-26 09:32:44: (15a53740) : Subscription 0x1152270 is now at state MAMA_SUBSCRIPTION_DEACTIVATED.
2016-04-26 09:32:44: (15a53740) : imageRequest::timeoutCallback (): DATA_DICT: Timeout waiting for recap or initial value (subscription=0x1152270)
2016-04-26 09:32:44: (15a53740) : imageRequest::timeoutCallback (): source=WOMBAT; symbol=DATA_DICT
Timed out waiting for dictionary
Could not create dictionary.

And in the capturereplayc console, I got this:

2016-04-26 09:35:50: (f5dbf740) : Starting refresh message mini-cycle
2016-04-26 09:35:50: (f5dbf740) : No refreshes to send
2016-04-26 09:35:56: (f2552700) : qpidBridgeMamaTransportImpl_dispatchThread(): recv-ed
2016-04-26 09:35:56: (f5dbf740) : mamaSubscription_processMsg(): _MDDD.WOMBAT.DATA_DICT: msg = {{MdSubscSymbol,71,DATA_DICT},{MdSubscriptionType,60,4},{MdSubscMsgType,61,5},{MamaAppDataType,17,0},{MdSubscType,5,5},{MdSubscSourceHost,63,}} subsc (0xacb940)

So I have to read the dictionary directly from file:

mamalistenc -m qpid -tport broker -S TEST -s DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR -v -v -v -v -use_dict_file /home/nmarin/Apps/openmama-2.4.0/data/dictionaries/data.dict

Sometimes It just doesn't work and I got this message:

2016-04-26 09:46:53: (cd6a7740) : deactivateAction(): (TEST.DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR (DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR) (0x11113c0)): mSubscBridge=0x112b620
2016-04-26 09:46:53: (cd6a7740) : Subscription 0x11113c0 is now at state MAMA_SUBSCRIPTION_DEACTIVATED.
2016-04-26 09:46:53: (cd6a7740) : imageRequest::timeoutCallback (): DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR: Timeout waiting for recap or initial value (subscription=0x11113c0)
2016-04-26 09:46:53: (cd6a7740) : imageRequest::timeoutCallback (): source=TEST; symbol=DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR
An error occurred creating subscription for DE000CM95AU4.EUR.XPAR: STATUS_TIMEOUT

But sometimes if I restart capturereplayc and mamalistenc it works well. I'm actually a little confused with this behaviour, because sometimes it works, but sometimes doesn't work at all and I have to restart the broker, the capturereplayc or the mamalisten until this works. I've tested using regular transport (pub/sub) and it works perfect, so I think the issues show up only with the broker. I've also tested simple publish and subscribe with mamapublisherc, mamasubscriberc and it works fine.

Thanks for your help.


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