Re: Tick42 for OpenMAMA 2.4


Hi Tom,


I have built it on Windows with VS2010 and boost 1.54 (VisualStudio 2015 didn’t work with boost), and boost 1.6 not with the bridge.

Now it compiles but the bridge is not loading properly. I get some errors when mama.c tries to allocate the bridge structure (the impl pointer is null).







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Subject: RE: Tick42 for OpenMAMA 2.4


Hi Holger


There were a few compilation issues (expected) which we have addressed in our internal dev build.


I expect to push a new version to github in the next few days


Which environment (linux /win) are you using?






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Subject: [Openmama-dev] Tick42 for OpenMAMA 2.4


Hi all, hi Tom,


I was trying to migrate the tick42blp bridge for OpenMAMA 2.4 but had some trouble with the new bridge initialization and setting the Mama Version in the bridge.


Is there perhaps a compatible version out there?










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