question about building on Windows

Dmitri Fedorov <dfedorov.solace@...>

In Wiki page on building under Windows for libevent:

There is the following sentence I have a question about, please:

> At this point there is an additional step which is required in order to work
> around a bug in the libevent libraries. Once the nmake command has
> completed, navigate to the ''include'' directory. Open the file ''event.h'', and
> add #include along with the other includes (yes - after compilation... don't
> ask). When complete, save the file and exit.

I'm puzzled by this instruction:
> add #include along with the other includes

Could someone explain it to me, please?
Add where? Add what, an empty #include?
What "other" includes? 

Thank you in advance.

Dmitri Fedorov
Software Architect
Solace Systems, Inc.
Ottawa, ON Canada

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