Re: fields MdSubscMsgType and MdMsgType in message

Frank Quinn <>

Hi Dmitri,

Where are you seeing this message? This will be driven by the data source, but MdSubscMsgType is typically only included in subscription request messages (as suggested in the comment in subscmsgtype.h). I wouldn't expect it to provide any relevant information when sent in an update (in fact it probably shouldn't be included in updates).


On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 10:27 PM, Dmitri Fedorov <dfedorov.solace@...> wrote:

When a message has this field:

and also it has this field:

am I right to assume that MdMsgType is the real message type?

In other words, does MdMsgType take precedence over MdSubscMsgType?

Do we have a legal/illegal combinations of MdMsgType and MdSubscMsgType?

Thank you.

Dmitri Fedorov
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