Re: Why are bridges in the general build

Michael Schonberg

On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 11:05 AM, Leslie Spiro <lspiro@...> wrote:

Reading the difficulties that William is having getting the Avis bridge to
build, wouldn't it make sense to split the build into open mama core
(possibly including a null bridge as an example for bridge and payload
writers), and then have separate bridge builds ?

You can configure with --without-middleware-bridge and no bridge will be
built. Likewise you can specify --without-payload-bridge to build
without a payload

I definitely like the idea of a NULL bridge for testing and as a
documented template for writing
new bridges.

I am not sure that separate bridge builds make sense. When I download
source, I expect to run
configure, make, make install and build something useful. I prefer to
make the configure scripts
smart enough to build build painlessly. One option is for the default
behavior to
automatically build bridges if all the required packages (middleware,
tools, etc.) are found in
the default locations. Updating can be painful, but you
usually only have to do
it once.

Currently, I think we need to make the avis configuration more sophisticated.


Also as the number of bridges increase we don't want to keep changing the
build as each new bridge is released.

Les Spiro

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