Re: Why are bridges in the general build

Pavel Patarinski

I can build all of the projects under OpenMAMA 2.1 solution (Windows 7, VS 2010).

  1. flex -
  2. avis-client -

Environment variables:
  1. add AVIS_HOME variable with path to avis-client as value.
  2. append path to flex executable to system "Path" variable

Fix paths in solution:
  1. for all of the projects which depends on avis-client lib, remove Debug after AVIS_HOME.


On  5.05.2012 21:05, Leslie Spiro wrote:

Reading the difficulties that William is having getting the Avis bridge to build, wouldn't it make sense to split the build into open mama core (possibly including a null bridge as an example for bridge and payload writers), and then have separate bridge builds ?

Also as the number of bridges increase we don't want to keep changing the build as each new bridge is released.

Les Spiro

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