General MAMA feature / project questions

Noah Zucker <NZucker@...>

Greetings all. I'm getting started with OpenMAMA here at NYSE and had the below questions. Mike suggested that I send them to this list for the benefit of anyone else who had similar questions:


1a) What component / function provides the parsed values from

1b) How does my bridge access configuration in

1c) Do I have to parse the strings myself, or can I provide just the components I need such as the final token that identifies the actual setting I need?

1d) How / where do I define the configuration parameters that are settable in

2) Message Format / Encoding

2a) Does OpenMAMA come with an out-of-the-box encoding for message payload, or is this supposed to be provided by the bridge?

2b) If it comes with payload encoding(s), what are the format(s)?

3) MAMA engine

3a) Does OpenMAMA come with the messaging engine that manages the event loop, queues, queue monitoring, quality of service detection, etc. or does that all (or some of it) have to be provided by the bridge implementation?

4) Build

4a) How do I clean the build? I noticed that there are object files all over the place next to my source files. How do I get rid of these? (Perhaps this is a n00bish question since I'm new to automake).

4b) Have we considered separating bridges from the OpenMAMA project? Related: how do we configure OpenMAMA to build with multiple bridges, or one bridge but not another?


Noah Zucker
NYSE Technologies

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