Openmama 2.4.0 over windows no bridge noop


Hi All,

I'm trying to run OpenMAMA 2.4.0 x86 on windows 8. The package was downloaded from Github releases page. I'm getting this message:

\bin\dynamic>mamapublisherc.exe -tport pub -m qpid
Starting Publisher with:
  topic:              MAMA_TOPIC
  inbound topic:      MAMA_INBOUND_TOPIC
  interval            0.500000
  transport:          pub
2016-06-29 12:31:45: mama_loadPayloadBridge(): Could not open entitlement bridge
library [noop] [126]
2016-06-29 12:31:45: mama_openWithProperties(): Could not load noop entitlements
Error initializing mama: NO_BRIDGE_IMPL

Currently I have an OpenMAMA 2.3.1 running on the same machine and everything goes well, so the problem should be with this specific release and that noop library. Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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