Re: README out of date to perform build on Linux

Mike Schonberg <mschonberg@...>

On Sat, 12 May 2012, David Ashburner wrote:

Hi Guys,

Just gone through install and build and found a few things out of date in
The main one is the need to run the obviously named

building source from git

Instructions in README seem to be out of date or need a little more

1. instal avis client from here:
I will update this. It might make sense to point to so it is less likely to get out of date
with new Avis release.

2. avis ./configure, build

3. tweak avis, copy missing header file from correct platform location

export AVIS_HOME=<where you installed it>
cp ${AVIS_HOME}/platforms/gnu_automake/avis_client_config.h
I will make the appropriate changes as well.

4. run script to generate configure scrpts in downstream directories

Someone else pointed out the same problem in bugzilla. I am preparing a patch
that updates the readme to inlcude this step for git builds.

Currently the source tarball does not contain the configure scripts. I will
remedy this shortly as well.

5. ./configure --prefix=/home/openmama
The next REAME patch will contain this as well.

6. make, make install

couple of things I haven't fully tracked down yet:

make install in the top dir does not install the mama/examples
when you run make install in the example/c dir it installs in /bin not
examples/mama as the mamda and jni examples do
From the top directory, "make install" should install the compiled examples in
<prefix>/bin and the example source in <prefix>/examples/... Are you running
make with more than one job (-j > 2)?

Thanks for the detailed feedback. This is very helpful. The build process is not
nearly as smooth as I would like it. I will incorporate your suggestions in one
more patches



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