OpenMAMA bridge implementation

Pavel Patarinski <pavel.patarinski@...>

Hi all,

At Tick42 we are porting various data feed drivers (rather than middleware connectors) to load as OpenMama bridges, I have been making some notes on the various calls into the Bridge API to help me work out what order things are called in.

I have produced the following three documents which show the sequence of calls into the Avis Bridge when running an OpenMama subscriber. I am using these to help work out where to put various chunks of our existing driver code.

Given the work that people are starting to do on producing drivers, we thought it might be useful to share these notes. Please feed back with any comments or corrections.

1. Initialization and startup:
The first document describes order of execution and some basic description of bridge interface functions which are called during OpenMAMA initialization and startup.

2. Making a subscription:
The second document lists bridge interface functions which are used when subscription is created.

3. Decoding the data:
The third document describes how payload message is created and processed by OpenMAMA framework.

Pavel Pararinski

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