order book price level number of entries

Dmitri Fedorov <dfedorov.solace@...>


I'm working on a performance issue with the Solace proprietary OpenMAMA bridge processing MAMDA messages and I've come across this:

void MamdaOrderBookPriceLevel::setNumEntries (mama_u32_t  numEntries)
        mImpl.mNumEntries      = numEntries;
        mImpl.mNumEntriesTotal = (mImpl.mEntries ?  mImpl.mEntries->size() : 
Could someone explain to me please, what's the difference between the "number of entries" and the "total number of entries" in the order book price level, and whe the "total" number of sets it with this condition?

Thank you in advance.

Dmitri Fedorov
Software Architect
Ottawa, ON Canada

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