Re: discarded data dictionary request

Damian Maguire <dmaguire@...>

From a really (really) quick glance at the source, I don’t think the BookPublisher code is handling dictionary requests itself. You can probably get ‘bookticker’ to work by using the same ‘-use_dict_file’ command line argument you have used for the publisher. If you’re interested in how to actually handle dictionary requests, the capturereplay example code should demonstrate that pretty well.






From: <openmama-dev-bounces@...> on behalf of Dmitri Fedorov <dfedorov.solace@...>
Date: Tuesday, 31 January 2017 at 19:32
To: openmama-dev <openmama-dev@...>
Subject: [Openmama-dev] discarded data dictionary request


Hi all,

I'm testing the QPID bridge with bookpublisher and bookticker, but it seems that the dialog between them is stuck at the data dictionary request.


This is the command lines:
> bookpublisher -v -SP WOMBAT -m qpid -tport pub -DT pub -use_dict_file data/data.dict -s book.1 -threads 5
> bookticker -v -m qpid -S WOMBAT -DP sub -tport sub -s book.1

This is what I see at the bookpublisher side:

2017-01-31 13:11:31: (60fb7700) : qpidBridgeMamaTransportImpl_dispatchThread(): discarding uninteresting message for symbol _MDDD.WOMBAT.DATA_DICT

And nothing happens after that.


What am I doing wrong, please?


Dmitri Fedorov

Software Architect


Ottawa, ON Canada


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