Recent OpenMAMA RPM Build Failures and Scons

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


I have just submitted a batch of changes which introduce OpenMAMA integration headers (so that bridges and plugins can be compiled without requiring access to OpenMAMA’s code matching the library you’re linking against – more detail on that to come).


During CI, an error was spotted in RPM build on RH7 / Fedora but to put everyone’s mind at ease (or not), it looks to be unrelated to recent changes. Instead, it appears to be a bug in scons:


Hopefully it will be fixed before the next release since this is how we generate all of our cross platform RPMs. In the meantime if anyone is feeling any particular appetite to try porting OpenMAMA to cmake, please let me know. With the recent vcpkg changes now awaiting merge upstream, that will be the next devops priority. Unfortunately the cracks in scons and our supporting (python 2.x) infrastructure are starting to show as time is moving forward. We are having issues with MSVC detection in recent versions of Visual Studio 2017 too, so this may become pressing fairly soon.





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