Re: Let's test cmake support

Frank Quinn

Hi folks,

Further to this, we have now wired up with C#, install rules and unit tests on Linux, Windows and even native OSX (with some recent changes).

This is a huge step because it effectively outsources compiler support which we effectively had to manage ourselves with our previous scons infrastructure as well as fight with python environments.

With that in mind I have now raised which will hopefully make it into next soon!

After the next release goes out (which I propose is soon), we can look at making cmake the default for CI and the release following that one.


On 27 Apr 2018 10:05, Victor Maleyev <imnotmindlin@...> wrote:
Hi guys,

Me and Frank made some efforts to support CMake build system: it builds MAMA on Linux and Windows. Unfortunately it is not in trunk yet but I desperately need any feedback on how it works to make it stable and ready for release. Just clone the repo from here: and try build it like this:
mkdir build
cmake ..

Make sure that flex, Apache portable runtime and gradle are installed.

Feel free to mail me if issues are found.

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