Proposal to make the cut for OpenMAMA 6.2.2 RC1

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


The recent additions of several pieces of key functionality including cmake and pluggable dq strategies mark a natural opportunity to cut a release candidate for OpenMAMA 6.2.2.


Note that this release will include a few new non-breaking interfaces to support pluggable DQ strategies which bridge developers are invited to try out to verify that it meets their requirements before the release is cut and the interface will no longer be as easy to modify.


This is further to the RFC discussed previously on the OpenMAMA developers mailing list and can be found here:


And the commit when it landed:


For a full range of issues which will be included in the next release, see:


I’ll leave this call to action open for a week. If the suggestion to make a release candidate is unchallenged, the cut will be taken on Saturday 26th May and the RC process will begin.





Frank Quinn


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