openmama 6.2 crash with dqstrategy disabled for subscription with multiple initials

Igor Kovalenko

Classification: Public

Hi openmama team,


I see that commit 6de60350f40b4d9b0f181b7e64e0d192798b9f97 accidentally removed one conditional expression from around current line 393 of listenermsgcallbacks.c


Now if group subscription, or in fact any allowing multiple initials, receives first initial, then

- with dqstrategy disabled listenerMsgCallback_processMsg will unconditionally call mamaSubscription_stopWaitForResponse

- with dqstrategy enabled dqstrategy plugin implementation would only call mamaSubscription_stopWaitForResponse if mamaSubscription_getAcceptMultipleInitials() returns false


The code that stops waiting for response destroys related inbox object. This leads to easy crash with group subscriptions and dqstrategy disabled.


Hope it will be not hard to restore the conditional for openmama-6.2.x and later.


Thank you!


Kind regards,

Igor Kovalenko




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