Two Mamda libraries exporting the same symbol

Slade, Michael J

Hi all,


We have noticed that both mamda/c_cpp/src/cpp/MamdaQuoteListener.cpp and mamda/c_cpp/src/orderbooks/MamdaQuoteToBookListener have implementations of a QuoteCache struct in the Wombat namespace. Therefore, both libmamda and libmamdabook are exporting the same symbol.


This is an issue when linking against the two libraries since the order they are dynamically linked determines which one is used. If the wrong QuoteCache struct is used this causes a segfault during construction of the object as the two implementations are different.


To me this seems like a bug and one of the two QuoteCache structs should be renamed.


Has anyone had an issue with this before / can anyone shed some light on this?




Mike Slade | Corporate & Investment Bank | Market Data Services | J.P. Morgan


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