Re: Proposal to make the cut for OpenMAMA 6.3.0 RC1

Damian Maguire

My two cents here, the Docker PR looks solid and I think is good to merge. I suspect the MAMDA QuoteCache fix (392) should be landed before any cut, even if it means a delay, but apart from that I think this is probably a solid time to begin the release process.

All for the removal of scons though, cmake all the way makes sense.



On Thu, 23 May 2019 at 23:11, Frank Quinn <fquinn@...> wrote:

Hi Folks,


It’s that time again where I think we need to consider making a new OpenMAMA release.


I’ve just raised a pull request for Docker which was the last main piece of new functionality that I wanted to get into this release. There is also the issue which I hope to resolve next week.


So if anyone else is mid-flight with any changes or has any major showstoppers that they want to include in this release please let me know, otherwise I’ll take a cut towards the end of next week with a mind to release before the summer holidays kick in.


Note that this release bumps to version 6.3.0 because APIs which integrate with the new modular bridge functionality will not be backwards compatible with 6.2.x.


Also note that this release will finally remove scons in favour of cmake so please test these new builds in RC stage for any missing headers etc.





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