OpenMAMA-6.3.0-rc1 Now Available

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the delay I hit a few snags trying to get the release together, but it’s finally ready!

Note that this changes the minor revision number which reflects a bridge change. This is because although this release doesn’t in itself do anything to break the bridge compatibility, new bridges being built using the new “base bridge” functionality would not be backwards compatible, so the version is being bumped to reflect this.

This is a maintenance release which fixes several outstanding bugs and introduces some new functionality.

For a complete list of all 20 issues included in this release, please see here:

Please test rigorously particularly for bridge based functionality and feel free to try out the new docker images and ping the mailing list if you have any queries! I’ll leave testing open for 6 weeks, making the aspirational release date be 20th August.

For help on how to raise a ticket, please see:

Good hunting.



Frank Quinn


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