Adding Blank data representation to MAMA API data types

Keith Rudd

Certain other market data platforms / APIs (well, TREP) support the concept of 'blank' field values.
The price and time field types actually have special blank data representations defined.
This is used in the context where a publisher wants to include a field in a message but with no assigned value, possibly for example to indicate that a price that was previously offered and valid is now no longer available.
(Granted there are other ways to do this, with another price status field etc. but we do see this method used sometimes and with no other indicator of validity)

This introduces a conundrum when translating such values to the MAMA API as prices, times, etc. have no such equivalent blank representation in MAMA.

So, my proposal is that we might extend MAMA field data types to include such 'blank' values.
This would need to be done while preserving backwards-compatibility.

A discussion point for now
- Is this a feature which others see value in?
- Any feasible suggestions for how it might be achieved and what values would be used for 'blank' ?


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