let's move bridgeMamaSubscriptionMute call up in hierarchy out of throttle locked context

Igor Kovalenko

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Hi openmama team,


I'd like to propose moving bridgeMamaSubscriptionMute call from mamaSubscription_deactivate_internal up in the call hierarchy to mamaSubscription_deactivate so Mute() is called before any throttle lock is acquired (that is, just after checking if subscription is not NULL in mamaSubscription_deactivate).


Since in this case the client is removing subscription anyway, it should not matter that transport bridge Mute() method will be called a bit earlier in subscription lifecycle.


I'll try to explain why this change is needed for tick42rmds bridge to operate reliably. A required change to tick42rmds is outlined below as well.

Locally I tested a combination of this proposed change to openmama with tick42rmds bridge modified as outlined below, and also with other transport bridges (unmodified) that we use, and found no negative side effects.


A couple of years back there was a discussion regarding tick42rmds transport issue.

My understanding is that tick42rmds design choice to process subscriptions on bridge thread as opposed to Mama.start() thread violates a few openmama threading assumptions.

As a consequence we can reproduce a crash during moderately fast subscribe/unsubscribe sequence where tick42rmds bridge is still trying to deliver data to callback of already destroyed mama subscription.

This crash is caused by a race condition detailed below.


Tick42rmds bridge implements tick42rmdsBridgeMamaSubscription_mute method which does call Shutdown() on bridge thread subscription object.

Intention there appears to be to mark bridge thread subscription object as shut down so that bridge thread ignores it and is not trying to deliver a callbacks on mama subscription objects being destroyed.

Unfortunately there is no proper locking there so that seldom a Mute() call returns before Shutdown() takes effect.

If this happens, bridge thread proceeds to deliver next message to mama subscription callback while mama subscription object is being destroyed by the thread returned from Mute().


Without significant redesign of tick42rmds this race can be closed by adding proper locking between tick42rmdsBridgeMamaSubscription_mute and bridge thread, so that bridge thread is guaranteed to see result of Shutdown() before Mute() call returns. Simple implementation would be to add a mutex shared between Shutdown() call and bridge thread methods issuing callbacks to mama subscriptions.


So far so good. Yet unfortunately openmama locking scheme needs to be modified for this to work due to a problem with locking order of MAMA_THROTTLE_DEFAULT throttle.

There are many places where MAMA_THROTTLE_DEFAULT lock is acquired. According to my analysis with valgrind/helgrind/drd acquisition of corresponding mutex must always be a leaf call in locking hierarchy to prevent ABBA-style deadlock.


If Mute() and Shutdown() are synchronized with a mutex, then the following would happen:


client thread destroying mama subscription eventually calls mamaSubscription_destroy

       which calls mamaSubscription_deactivate()

    [A]  .. mamaSubscription_deactivate acquires lock [A] on throttle object

            then calls mamaSubscription_deactivate_internal()

              .. which calls impl->mBridgeImpl->bridgeMamaSubscriptionMute (impl->mSubscBridge)

                 which is tick42rmdsBridgeMamaSubscription_mute

    [B]          .. tick42rmdsBridgeMamaSubscription_mute acquires bridge thread subscription object lock [B]

XX client thread gets suspended here for some reason so it is not calling Shutdown() yet


tick42rmds bridge thread calls RMDSBridgeSubscription::OnMessage (or anything else which requires calling mamaSubscription_processMsg later)

    [B]  .. bridge thread acquires bridge thread subscription object lock [B]

                bridge thread checks if Shutdown() is called on this object

XX          .. since client thread is suspended, Shutdown() is not in effect

            bridge thread calls mamaSubscription_processMsg() to deliver message to mama subscription


    [A]     imageRequest_stopWaitForResponse() is called which tries to acquire throttle lock [A]


If my proposal to move bridgeMamaSubscriptionMute call out of locked scope is implemented, this deadlock would not occur.


I will not be able to share any code change due to our organizational restrictions but will try to answer other questions regarding this proposal.




Kind regards,
Igor Kovalenko


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