Re: Deadlock in mamaSubscription and mamaTransport destroy logic

Frank Quinn

Hi Mike,


Have raised For follow up on this one – let’s track there for paper trail / release note reference etc.


Could you add some details on the execution environment? Particularly the shutdown sequence in the code, and whether or not this is JNI etc to see if anything unusual is compounding the issue?


The transport destroy is not supposed to be attempted by the app until after the subscriptions have all been destroyed and the queues have been drained and destroyed so it sounds like the bridge is still firing callbacks after the subscription has been “destroy”ed to free up the memory.





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Subject: [Openmama-dev] Deadlock in mamaSubscription and mamaTransport destroy logic


Hi OpenMAMA Dev,


We have encountered a deadlock situation in mamaSubscription’s and mamaTransport’s teardown logic due to lock ordering when destroying their underlying mamaPublisher. We are able to reliably reproduce this with the tick42 bridge. Could someone take a look at this for us please?

Thanks in advance,


Deadlock – note that subscription and transport attempt to destroy same publisher:
mamaTransport teardown:

  1. transport.c:         mamaTransport_destroy()
  2. transport.c:         mamaTransportImpl_clearTransportWithPublishers()
  3. list.c:                    list_for_each() Acquires list lock (1)
  4. transport.c:         mamaTransportImpl_clearTransportPublisherCallback()
  5. publisher.c:         mamaPublisherImpl_clearTransport()
  6. publisher.c:         mamaPublisherImpl_destroy() Attempts to acquire publisher lock (2)


mamaSubscription teardown

  1. subscription.c:    mamaSubscriptionImpl_onSubscriptionDestroyed()
  2. subscription.c:    mamaSubscription_cleanup()
  3. publisher.c:         mamaPublisherImpl_destroy() Acquires publisher lock (2)
  4. transport.c:         mamaTransport_removePublisher()
  5. list.c:                    list_remove_element() Attempts to acquire list lock (1)


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