OpenMAMA Preview Website Launch

Frank Quinn

Hi Folks,


It is with great pleasure that I can declare that a new website is on its way.


It is currently hosted at as a preview version (the former documentation website address) and therefore I invite the members of the mailing list to have a look, and report any issues back directly to be before its "proper" launch to on Monday 28th September.


The site is a complete overhaul and has several key improvements over the former site beyond aesthetics:


  • It is responsive
  • It is a static, bloat-free website so it should load very quickly
  • You can submit your own suggested changes to the site via pull request because it's all on github
  • It merges the documentation and main marketing website into one
  • It generally tries to de-duplicate information and the content has had a general refresh


Anyway if there are any issues please raise them at and I hope you enjoy the new site! As usual, I’ll be keeping an eye on gitter if you have any immediate feedback / concerns.





Frank Quinn


T: +44 (0) 28 8678 8015

E: fquinn@...



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