Questions about rodmap & bridge creation

Benjamin Taieb


I'm working for a hardware based MOM vendor (Solace Systems) and we are thinking about developing a mw bridge for openMama.

I've some questions :


1)When I look at, C++ wrapper and MAMDA C++ should be released by now.

Do you have any update you can share on the roadmap ?


2) As previously mentioned on this list, there is no documentation at the moment regarding building a middleware bridge. From my reading of the avis example, below is my understanding, Mike, could you please comment ?

 -A MW bridge implement all the stuff defined in the mamaBridgeImpl structure, for example if the implIdentifier is sol,

bridgeOpen of the mamaBridgeImpl struct is a pointer to solBridge_open function...


-The signature of each function is given in bridge.h as well. For example :

typedef mama_status (*bridgeMamaIo_create)(ioBridge*    result,

                                           void*        nativeQueueHandle,

                                           uint32_t     descriptor,

                                           mamaIoCb     action,

                                           mamaIoType   ioType,

                                           mamaIo       parent,

                                           void*        closure);


is implemented in  io.c of the avis bridge :



avisBridgeMamaIo_create(ioBridge*  result,

                         void*      nativeQueueHandle,

                         uint32_t   descriptor,

                         mamaIoCb   action,

                         mamaIoType ioType,

                         mamaIo     parent,

                         void*      closure)


    *result = 0;






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